Summer Camps


Dr. Magic's Summer Camp Fun Show is ready to go, ready for booking right now by preschools, summer camps, day care centers and any other group or company that wants to provide summertime fun for kids.

Dr. Magic's Summer Camp Fun Show is a live magic show created especially for children.  The show features some of the most amazing magic tricks kids will ever see.  And, since the show is for children, there's lots of kid-friendly comedy in it to keep kids laughing while they're being amazed.

One of the best things about Dr. Magic's Summer Camp Fun Show is that the good Doctor brings the show to you.  The show is as much a treat for kids as going on a field trip, but this is an "in-house field trip," Dr. Magic brings the fun to you.  With Dr. Magic's show there's no piling kids in a bus and taking them somewhere to have special fun.  The special fun, a live magic show, comes to you.  Dr. Magic's Summer Camp Fun Show means no headache and no hassle for adults who operate a summer camp.  


Nobody leaves a performance by Dr. Magic empty-handed, every child attending Dr. Magic's Summer Camp Fun Show will receive a souvineer to take home to show their parents while telling them about all the fun they had at summer camp watching Dr. Magic.  In addition to what the children get, your summer camp will be given a Dr. Magic DVD for your camp's video collection.  During slow times, the children can watch Dr. Magic on DVD and enjoy him all over again.  The DVD and all other giveaway items are covered in the fee of $5.00 per child attending the show.  There is no additional charge for anything.


Because of his popularity with children, Dr. Magic is booked back by most of the summer camps that had his show the year before, therefore many dates during the summer are already taken.  If you'd like to book Dr. Magic's Summer Camp Fun Show, phone 985-507-8812 or e-mail as soon as you can to get the date and time you want.