School Shows & Fundraisers

School Shows

Dr. Magic has a special school show program he performs that kids love. The show features amazing magic, plenty of kid-friendly comedy and lots of audience participation. Kids like to be part of the show, and Dr. Magic gives them all a chance to get involved and be part of the fun.

Dr. Magic's school show has been used by elementary schools as a reward for children who have done something special, such as read a certain number of books over the summer, or achieve something like perfect attendance.  At other times Dr. Magic's show is a special treat for all of the students paid for by the school or the PTA.

Dr. Magic's show can also be used as a fundraising program for schools.  It's been called the world's easiest fundraiser, this is how it works...
1. A school announces on Monday that there will be a fundraising magic show on Friday and sends a letter home with each student telling parents about the upcoming show along with the price to attend it. 
2. Every morning during the week of the show the announcement about the show is repeated and money for the show is collected by each homeroom teacher.
3. By the day of the show all the money has been collected. Dr. Magic performs the show and is given a check.  The school keeps all the cash collected during the week. That's it, it's that easy.
Note: Fundraising shows are usually held as the last activity on a Friday. This insures 100% attendance, kids get out of class to see a magic show then, after the show, they go home for the weekend. They love it.
How Much Money Can We Make With Dr. Magic's Show?
Dr. Magic charges a flat fee of $350, all money collected above that amount is kept by the school.  So, if a school has 800 students paying $3 each to see Dr. Magic's show, the school collects $2,400.  After paying Dr. Magic, the school has raised $2,050.
Note: The school sets the admission price for the magic show, not Dr. Magic. So, if a school has, say, 1,000 students and wants to charge $5 for the fundraising show, that's their business.  Given that scenario, the school would gross $5,000 and net $4,650 after paying Dr. Magic. Often the admission price is higher for fundraising shows that pure entertainment shows because it's a fundraiser.
Dr. Magic's typical fundraising show runs 45 minutes, but takes up an hour of time.  Figure 10 minutes to get everyone into the place where the show will be performed and another 5 minutes to get them out in addition to the show's 45 minutes. 
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