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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: Who is Dr. Magic?
ANSWER: Dr. Magic is a professional magician who specializes in entertaining children. He is billed as "America's children's magician."

QUESTION: Does Dr. Magic only entertain children at birthday parties, schools, daycares and preschools?
ANSWER: No, Dr. Magic also entertains senior citizens at nursing homes, college students at private sorority or fraternity college parties and everybody of any age at the many restaurants where he has performed.

QUESTION: How far does Dr. Magic travel to entertain?
ANSWER: Anywhere is the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. However,for engagements over 100 miles from New Orleans Dr. Magic's client must pay his travel expenses.

QUESTION: What is the ideal age group for Dr. Magic's birthday party magic show?
ANSWER: 4-11 years old.

QUESTION: What is the ideal age group for Dr. Magic's daycare/preschool magic show?
ANSWER: 2-10 years old.

QUESTION: Does Dr. Magic have a special magic show just for summer camps?
ANSWER: Yes. Dr. Magic entertains at a large number of camps every summer.

QUESTION: How do I go about booking Dr. Magic?
ANSWER: Phone 985-507-8812or e-mail his office at, they'll help you.

QUESTION: I have a question not covered on Dr. Magic's web site, what should I do?
ANSWER: Call 985-507-8812 or e-mail Dr. Magic's office, his friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions you have.